DUO Creative Communication

Filming in Japan


2021 Tokyo Olympics

We can provide any kinds of research, coordination, and production services for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. This includes on-location interpreters, fixers, and crew members necessary for a smooth production.


We provide research for program content and make contact with subjects in all genres including medical, law, scientific, political, sports and entertainment.

Footage Licensing

We can assist with licensing and obtaining footage from networks, major distributors, and the internet such as Youtube. We'll help track down individuals for footage rights as well as creating and obtaining contracts.


We can provide casting arrangements for models and actors depending on your project needs.


We can arrange a local film crew depending on your production needs. This includes bilingual fixers, production coordinators, interpreters, camera operators, camera assistants, make-up artists and stylists.

Location Services

We can provide location scouting all across Japan, as well as obtaining permits depending on your budget and needs.

On-location Production Services

We can help navigate any challenges that come with filming in a foreign country. We'll ensure that your filming experience in Japan is smooth from a production and a cultural standpoint.